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One cut

The One Cut is a model made from a single piece of leather, with no visible seams. Like the classic brogue, it has closed lacing, unlike the derby which has open lacing. With this incredible design made from a unique piece, it is the ultimate minimalist shoe. If you're looking for something more stripped down, you'll have to go barefoot, but it will be less elegant and less comfortable. The One Cut is splendor within walking distance.

Why choose the One Cut ?
With its refined aesthetic, which leaves no one indifferent, the One Cut Oxford shoe is a perfect dress shoe for all formal situations. It is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. The One Cut can accompany you everywhere: a social dinner with prominent personalities, a professional meeting in a palace or even a lunch in a starred restaurant. But the One Cut brogue can also be suitable for more casual occasions and can be worn, for example, with jeans for a cool and distinguished silhouette.

The One Cut shoe compared to the derby and the classic Oxford shoe
Here are three types of shoes that are both similar and yet very different. If we had to rank them from most formal to most casual, we would put the One Cut shoe first, then the Oxford shoes and finally the derby. But, in the field of contemporary shoes , habits and customs have greatly evolved. Nowadays, all of these shoes can also be worn in a more relaxed way, so you won't make a mistake wearing them with jeans on a daily basis . On the contrary, it's a great way to enhance any look. To make your choice, it will therefore also depend on your personal preferences and your favorites. The ideal being, obviously, to have at least these three great men's classics in your wardrobe, because as Roger Vivier said: "To wear dream shoes is to start making them come true". Don't miss our care products to keep these exceptional shoes in good condition.