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They go with everything! Loafers are the ideal slip-on shoe for the refined gentleman. From the classic moccasin to the more daring model, enhance your style with our prestigious shoes that will accompany you season after season. With La Maison du Chausseur, give your feet the comfort they deserve with a luxury moccasin for men.

Find your moccasin for men!
The oldest shoe found to date is a 5000 year old moccasin in Armenia! Did you know that the word “moccasin” comes from the dialects of different Native American tribes and means “shoe”? But it was at the beginning of the 20th century that the moccasin took on the look we know today. Essential for men's wardrobe, this very popular pair for sunny days allows you to play with fashion and mix casual pieces with more sophisticated clothes. A luxury moccasin for men will enhance a jeans/t-shirt combo just as much as an elegant suit! A good way to make a profit from a well-made pair that you will find on La Maison du Chausseur. Not bad is not it ?

Men's moccasins: prefer black or brown leather?
Black leather brings a more formal and serious side, while brown can lend itself to more casual looks even if it works very well with formal outfits. Whatever color you choose, know that the moccasins we offer are comfortable and very versatile. Our range of moccasins will delight lovers of English shapes (with a classic, structured look) but also fans of Italian shapes (with clean, contemporary lines). Should you wear them with or without socks ? It's a question of taste. Note, however, that with a formal outfit, you will prefer socks. Already won over by our collection and want other shoes? Don't miss our Oxford shoes and Monk shoes !