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Monk shoes

It's a luxury shoe classic . Timeless, comfortable and versatile, the buckle shoe perfectly complements a men's suit or a more casual outfit. So, which pair should you add to your wardrobe? Rather team one loop or two loops? Make your choice !

Why invest in a shoe with Monk shoes for men?
Attention all those who don't like tying their shoelaces! Monk shoes are for you. Invented in the Middle Ages with the appearance of the metal clasp, they have survived the centuries until today. Less formal than an oxford, but more formal than a derby, the men's Monk shoes stands out for its practical and versatile side. In black or brown leather, these original and elegant shoes will not fail to bring sophistication or casualness to the look you wear. The good trick ? Play with materials with your clothes! Tweed suit, cotton chinos, denim pants, linen shorts… From smart to Italian style, you can dare anything!

A Monk shoe for men is very tempting!
Whether it is a pair of shoes with buckles or double buckles, the models selected by La Maison du Chausseur are characterized by exceptional quality and great comfort. With their metal closure system, these city shoes with a chic and functional appearance are emblematic of the men's wardrobe. If you are looking for a Monk for men, you are in the right place to find the rare gem among our high-end products. From tanning the leather to assembling a pair, we pay attention to the manufacturing and durability of the shoes we select. In addition to the buckle models, shoe connoisseurs and enthusiasts will not fail to discover our carefully finished moccasins and ankle boots !