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Shoe trees

When you have beautiful shoes, you like to take care of them and keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible. The shoe tree is made for just that. It is the essential accessory for lovers of prestigious shoes. It helps extend the life of your precious shoes and reduces the formation of wrinkles and creases. The shoe tree is a kind of bath of youth for your shoe, as natural as it is essential. And it goes with all types of shoes, from brogues to derbys and even your favorite sneakers.

Should you choose a shoe tree made of wood, plastic or metal?
To fully understand the answer, you just need to know that in addition to tightening the leather to give it a youthful look, the shoe tree must allow moisture to evacuate properly and help eliminate odors , which cannot be done with plastic or metal. The wooden shoe tree is therefore preferred. And if you want to travel the world, La Maison du Chausseur also offers lighter models in cedar wood specially dedicated to travel. Your shoes will be well taken care of when you return to the hotel, even after a morning strolling around Parc Güell in Barcelona, ​​or after a day shopping on Oxford Street in London.

Quality and durability: our shoe tree for men
There is no question of skimping on quality for your shoe trees, at the risk of doing more harm than good to your shoes. At La Maison du Chausseur, we offer you top of the range right down to our smallest accessories. Our shoe trees are made of red cedar or beech wood, and are impeccably made to adapt perfectly to the shape of your shoes. Whatever species you choose for your shoe tree, your shoes will thank you.
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