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To accommodate your collection of sneakers or refined shoes, nothing better than a natural wood shoe cabinet. Elegant and discreet, it is the ideal object to store your derbies, to highlight your brogues or to have an overview of your sneakers. Storage unit, dressing room unit or storage bench, La Maison du Chausseur offers you different options to best suit your tastes and the configuration of your interior.

The wooden shoe cabinet: a storage essential
When you like things to be in their place and you want to avoid the mess in the entrance hall with shoes scattered everywhere, then it becomes essential to get a wooden shoe rack. It allows you to organize your shoes well and keep your dressing room tidy in a simple and effective way. Nothing could be more practical and easy when you don't have the chance to live with Mary Poppins.

The solid wood shoe cabinet: the height of chic
For lovers of beautiful things, natural materials such as leather, cotton, linen or wood are an undeniable guarantee of quality in addition to being ecologically responsible. Our commitment at La Maison du Chausseur is to offer you the best possible products and to combine quality and elegance. This is why our shoe storage furniture is made of solid wood, red cedar to be exact. This noble wood essence, in addition to being aesthetically superb, will leave a delicious and discreet fragrance in your dressing room. Our solid wood is durable, responsible and long-lasting. So, with this furniture that is both sumptuous and practical, your One Cuts like your sneakers will be perfectly stored and easily accessible. No more mess and carelessly thrown shoes on the floor.
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