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In addition to our shoes and slippers, we offer a wide choice of accessories to enhance your look and take care of your items. Exceptional shoe trees and socks... These are essentials to accompany modern men who take special care of their appearance and style. Always with a concern for quality, we have selected premium products that will not fail to charm you. Shall we show you?

The men's sock you need is here
Feeling good in your shoes is essential. With our socks made from noble materials (scotland thread, mercerized cotton or wool), you will undoubtedly experience great softness and optimal comfort every day. Thanks to our expertise of more than 10 years in the world of men's shoes, we are very attentive to the shoe accessories that we offer. This is why our socks are high quality and very durable. Our weekly planners available in many shades will bring the touch of color that was missing to your outfit. You will enjoy changing your style and creating daring fashion combos with our socks and shoes. The sock is the perfect finish for a look full of elegance and finesse.

Everything you need to take care of your shoes
So that they go through the ages with you, it is advisable to maintain your shoes. Nothing very complicated: shoe trees to maintain their shape, waterproofing in case of rain, shoe polish to nourish and shine the leather... La Maison du Chausseur offers you a range of suitable care products.