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Shoe care

At La Maison du Chausseur, we love beautiful shoes and taking care of them. With our expertise of more than 10 years in the world of shoes, we know which care products are essential to keep a leather shoe in excellent condition year after year. Creams, waterproofers, white express, bags... without forgetting the essential shoe polishes and brushes, we have all the equipment to clean your shoes and extend their lifespan. Shall we show you?

How to maintain a leather shoe?
Maintaining your shoes necessarily involves establishing a routine and purchasing practical and effective equipment. You are certainly wondering which brush to choose for a leather shoe? Well, know that there are several and that each of them has its use. A shine brush will dust off and shine your shoes while a pad brush will be perfect for applying shoe polish. The chamois will allow you to polish your leather shoes. For your suede or nubuck shoes, use an eraser to remove any traces or stains. Furthermore, please note that most of our cleaning products are made in France, just like our slippers.

The ideal shoe polish for shoes in great shape
As you can imagine, rigorous and frequent maintenance of a leather shoe is unthinkable without shoe polish. Leather, this noble and natural material, requires a high-end product to ensure depth and flexibility. Available in different colors, the shoe polish pastes that we offer can be used at the end of your routine to nourish, enhance and protect the leather while reviving its colors. As for the soles, take care of their exterior appearance with our quality wear pads, and of your feet with our insoles. In addition to these tips, we recommend that you store your men's dress shoes in a dry, ventilated place, away from light and heat (in a cedar furniture for example). Looking for your dream pair? Discover all our premium brands.