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The derby shoe is, along with the Oxford shoe, the most popular type of shoe when looking for something distinguished . Historically, men's derbies, with their open lacing, were more suited to less formal activities than Oxford shoes, but over time these rules tend to become more flexible. It will therefore mainly be a question of taste and desire. One thing is certain, you cannot go wrong by choosing one of these two models. The best thing is to have both!

Why choose men's derbies?
The derby is a true essential in the wardrobe of any man who favors beautiful things and elegance, just like a beautiful white shirt or well-cut pants. What's more, these shoes offer incomparable comfort thanks to the laces which are located on the inserts, which is also an advantage for men with a somewhat strong instep. Derbies are therefore appropriate for many situations, from a wedding in Provence under the olive trees to afternoons exploring museums or even a summer picnic with friends.

Black or brown derbies for men are on the rise
These are, of course, the most common and recommended colors for formal and dressy situations. But when it comes to shoes, nothing stops you from thinking outside the box and being original. And for black or brown men's derbies, without being totally extravagant, we can find a whole bunch of color nuances that will make us stand out from the crowd while remaining chic and sober . Either way, putting these gorgeous shoes on your feet will always be a wise choice. Because, with men's derbies, you will not only be fashionable, but you will have a real look, and as Coco Chanel said: "Fashion goes out of fashion, style never does". To expand your wardrobe even further, find our other essential shoes like boots and One cut.