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Beautiful shoes don't come without pretty laces. We can't imagine putting poor quality or damaged laces on elegant shoes, just like we wouldn't put a low-end bracelet on a luxury watch. And for everything that concerns the art of wearing good shoes, La Maison du Chausseur is here to offer you the best. Our premium shoe laces are no exception. With their size of 77 cm, they will adapt to most of your shoes, from brogues to derbys and sneakers.

Shoe laces: colorful or simple?
For formal occasions, we will tend to favor sobriety by matching our laces to our shoes. Our choice will therefore most often fall on black or brown laces. But for other situations, or for the more adventurous, there's nothing stopping you from being creative by wearing colorful laces with dress shoes. Why not dare to go bold with orange or blue laces for example? As Guy de Maupassant said: “Talent comes from originality, which is a special way of thinking, seeing, understanding and judging”, we could add: “to dress”.

Quality laces
Whether for sneaker laces or street shoe laces, the most important thing is to have quality laces. At La Maison du Chausseur, this is our priority. And beyond color, manufacturing and wear resistance remain essential points in making the right choice. Our laces meet all these requirements. They are round, in 100% waxed cotton and available in different colors for your chic shoes like the One Cut, but also for your sneakers. The final touch? Complete your look with our trendy socks. And for storage, discover our range of wooden furniture.